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Welcome to Flyvacuum Technologies

Flyvacuum Technologies Pvt Ltd is a technology driven company specialized in the manufacturing of Ultra High  Vacuum Systems, Vacuum furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, Hot Zones and Components that are customized to meet customers requirement. We thrive in delivering highest quality standard products that exceeds customers satisfaction. We have a team of Subject Mater Experts (SMEs) in Vacuum domain and ability to successfully execute medium to large scale projects with a proven track record.


Vacuum ovens up to 500 deg C and furnaces with vertical or horizontal configuration for pressure ranging from 1 to 16 bar and temperature working range up to 2600 deg C suitable for various heating processes.




We supply consumables such as Molybdenum charge baskets, Boats, Heating elements, Diffusion Pump and Rotary pump oils etc…

We manufacture customized vacuum pumping stations.


We have the ability to support in erection and commissioning of any Vacuum Oven / Furnaces that are manufactured by other manufacturers including imported equipment. We do provide Maintenance, Servicing and Refurbishment of Vacuum Systems.